Giuseppe Arici | iOS & OS X Developer

Giuseppe Arici

iOS & OS X Developer

About Me

I was born in Java and grew up with C# and Microsoft. The discovery of the MVC Web Frameworks brought me to the Opensource World. In unsuspecting times I bought my first book about Cocoa: "The Vespa". Some SDK later, the success of the iPhone allows me to make my passion a job.

I'm one of the founders of, an Italian Apple Developers Group, in which I serve as Cocoa Preacher ;)


2011 - Present Apple Developer Superpartes / H-Farm

2009 - Present Mobile Developer Funambol Partner

2010 - 2011 Project Manager Wave Group

2007 - 2010 Software Architect Wave Factory

2006 - 2007 Microsoft Developer PiaSys

2004 - 2006 J2EE Developer Gruppo Delta


Apple SDK (Cocoa, iOS, Mac) 10/10

Mobile Platforms (Android, WP7) 9/10

PM & Agile (PMBOK, Scrum, Kanban, XP) 8/10

Design Patterns (GoF, PofEAA, ORM) 7/10

Enterprise Frameworks (.NET, J2EE) 7/10

Web MVC (Rails, Symfony, django) 6/10

Coming soon …

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